Revocation writing

In the course of one’s life, each person enters into a series of contracts, such as tenancy agreements, various sales contracts, insurance contracts or subscriptions contracts. Usually, a contract then has a certain term and during this term contributions for the agreed services are due. If it turns out later that the contract is no longer needed, for example, because […]

Write e-mail

The triumphal procession of e-mail began just over ten years ago. Initially, many of these forms of electronic communication still met with skepticism, but meanwhile the e-mail has become popular and has become an almost everyday and self-evident means of communication. The fact that tons of e-mails are being written and sent daily could lead one to believe that no […]

Write a profile

Originally, a wanted poster was a loading letter from a farmer’s court to a defendant and was put into the gate. Later, the meaning of the wanted letter changed from a letter of summons to a warrant, because the person who received a profile was usually put in jail afterwards. Wanted person In a similar meaning, the profile is still […]